Nestled with Beautiful Natural SceneryRiver Course

Blending with the beautiful lakes, the coconut trees and Gia River, this course provides a magnificent view and will awaken all your senses. Hit a wonderful shot in River Course!

  • HOLE 1 405m (Par-4)

    “Pleasant Start!” Hole 1 is where you can get the distant view of Song Gia resort and discover a beautiful scenery of the lake on the left side. Hit a nice shot which will help relieve your stress.

  • HOLE 2 355m (Par-4)

    “Walking on the water.” Standing in the tee box, you can get a full view of Song Gia Golf Resort which in a distance looks like a painting. You can also enjoy the beauty of the river in front you. Hit a thrilling tee shot over bunkers.

  • HOLE 3 255m (Par-3)

    “Conquer”! It is a difficult par-3 hole where you have to get over a long water hazard. In order to avoid the water hazard, when you tee off, you should target slightly the right hand side of green.

  • HOLE 4 315m (Par-4)

    “Beautiful journey of life”! It is a par 4 hole. For the first shot, you should hit a ball slightly to the right side and thereby avoid water hazard. For a second shot, you should land your ball on relatively open and flat areas in the fairway.

  • HOLE 5 3815m (Par-4)

    “Stunning like picture”! This par-4 hole circumscribed by water is considered one of the most beautiful holes in the golf course.

  • HOLE 6 195m (Par-3)

    “Pleasure of being together!" It par 3 hole is characterized by a lateral water hazard on the right side. Given the distance, amateurs are recommended to use a driver.

  • HOLE 7 342m (Par-4)

    “Beautiful dancing bunkers”! This hole is called dancing bunkers because there are a lot of bunkers in this hole. Bunkers sitting close to each other render this hole more challenging and beautiful.

  • HOLE 8 430m (Par-4)

    “Feeling of passing time”! Since this is the longest par 4 hole, you have to make a wide and powerful swing to get distance. Mind the bunkers of both sides. For the first shot, you should avoid bunkers on the right side, and for the second, you should avoid bunkers on the left side of the green.

  • HOLE 9 480m (Par-5)

    “Festival white sandy”! This hole makes you feel like walking along white sandy beach. It is a challenging hole with plenty of hazards adding a thrill. This hole captivates golfers from tee-off to hole-out.

Hit an excellent shot in the river’s breeze!Ocean Course

Walking along the Moc River, golfers can enjoy fantastic views. Full of thrills and surprises, Ocean Course will give golfers real pleasures of playing golf.

  • HOLE 10 330m (Par-4)

    “Nature’s smile”! This first hole of Ocean Course with a broad fairway gives you a comfort feeling when you tee-off.

  • HOLE 11 410m (Par-4)

    “Exciting wandering!” The Green of Hole 11 bends towards the river. Golfers experience the thrill of hitting a ball over water hazard.

  • HOLE 12 210m (Par-3)

    “Wonderland”! This hole is full of poetic scenery. On the right hand side we have aquatic plants. The left hand side is filled with water hazards. Golfers should pay extra attention to target line and distance.

  • HOLE 13 375m (Par-4)

    “Beautiful life”! You can see gorgeous scenery in harmony between aquatic plants and flowers. A wide bunker area located in between the fairway makes this hole more interesting to play.

  • HOLE 14 525m (Par-5)

    "Knot is untied!” This is a beautiful par-5 hole where Gia and Moc rivers meet. Conquer this hole with a powerful swing, and remember to avoid bunkers on your right hand side.

  • HOLE 15 400m (Par-4)

    “Choir”! In this par-4 hole, reeds blend in with creeks and wind. This hole is close to Moc River with wild reeds along creeks. As such, this hole is teemed with the glory of untamed nature.

  • HOLE 16 415m (Par-4)

    “Power of harmony”! This is a relatively long par-4 hole with the wide and long fairway. There is a pond in between tee and the fairway, and on left hand side of the hole, there are many deep bunkers along the fairway. Try your best with a powerful swing!

  • HOLE 17 170m (Par-3)

    “Enchanting”! This is par-3 hole with a river on the left side, and white sand embraces the green area. When you tee off, face the right side and make a beautiful shot toward the green.

  • HOLE 18 485m (Par-5)

    “Champion’s feeling!” It is a challenging hole since bunkers surround the green and there are water hazards in between. Be careful of water hazards and bunkers! Skillful golfers can demonstrate their ability to the full.

Executive 9 holes!Hill Course

Executive Course with 9 holes designed by professional golf course designer is characterized with an enchanting landscape. The proper balance between beauty and difficulty serves to maximize the appeal to golfers.

  • HOLE E1 180m (Par-3)

    “Competition of accuracy!” As the first hole of Executive Course, it is a perfect hole for testing the accuracy of long iron.

  • HOLE E2 130m (Par-3)

    Be careful of a long bunker that lies ahead of you.

  • HOLE E3 385m (Par-4)

    Play with a decisive shot in this hole.

  • HOLE E4 215m (Par-3)

    This is the longest par 3 hole. However, you can be successful if you play wisely.

  • HOLE E5 135m (Par-3)

    Hit a ball straight towards green in front of you. But mind the water hazard between tee and green.

  • HOLE E6 165m (Par-3)

    Interesting hole to play!

  • HOLE E7 135m (Par-3)

    Play with clam and poise! It is good to make a tee shot that goes directly over a small bunker down in the fairway.

  • HOLE E8 340m (Par-4)

    In this beautiful hole, you have to hit a ball over the lake and bunker. This hole is designed to test golfers of all skill levels.

  • HOLE E9 115m (Par-3)

    You should be happy no matter what the result is. This is the last hole of Executive Course, so you have to do your best.